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Process Service Dispatch Scam. If you're really being called to court, you''ll get a notice via the u.s. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback.

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At the same time, acquire and preserve all contact information for your complaint to the state consumer protection agency. Now if any changes that need to be made to the time date or location of delivery. Process service dispatch scam other my sister received messages on her phone, on phones of two of her daughters that are under her name, and at her place of work from people purporting to be from process service dispatch who claim they have process to serve her relating to $10k on a credit card with a bank she doesn't have an account with.

“Attention This Is Mary With Process Service Dispatch This Call Is To Notify The Residence At Two Attempts Will Be Made To Issue _⁠_⁠_ Certified Legal Documents To A _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ If You Have Any Questions Or If You Need To Make Any Changes To The Time Date Or Location Of The Certified Documents You Need To Contact The Office At.

I wanted to put this out th ere, so that you all know about another really awful phone scam that is going around, so that you don’t freak out like i did, and you can keep you and your money safe. It is reported that savannah processing service or savannah processing services is operating using the same telephone number as raincross filing services. This week, my wife and i both received calls from a person claiming to work for “process service dispatch”.

A Common Scam Designed To Scare People Into Complying Is The Civil Complaint Received Phone Scam.

The only reasonable response is a demand for documentation of the debt. This company has called me continuously at my place of employment and home stating that they are going. Type of a scam phishing.

If You Discover A Scam, Be Sure To Pass Along Any Information To Law Enforcement Or Regulatory Agencies So That Fellow Citizens Don’t Fall Prey To These Unfair And Illegal Practices.

If you encounter any of these potential scams, contact the authorities right away. A daniels and associates is one of these strong arm shady collection companies out of california. When a process server comes to your door and you suspect they may be a scammer, you can ask for the case number or the courthouse the case is filed in and verify the validity of the documents.

Scam Artist Debt Collectors Call But Never Write.

The 'fake process server' scam is not new, but its getting more frequent. Fake debt collectors leave these threatening messages, hoping that terrified consumers will hand over. A standard american armed with the resources and information found here will be able to determine whether they are victim to a process service fraud.

Received Call From Steven Hernandez Asking Me To Call For Important Documents That Need To Be Sign.

A signature is required for proper service and delivery and if any information is needed. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized by this new scam. This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback.

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