How To Properly Measure Driver Shaft Length

How To Properly Measure Driver Shaft Length. With the advancement of driver head technology, shafts don’t have to be as long as they are. One important part when obtaining a correct measurement on your drive shaft is the knowledge of your drive shaft configuration.

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The reason behind the shifts in club length is the mindset of the golfers. Are shorter driver shafts more accurate? Or, the standard driver length is 45.5.

Measure Transmission Tail Shaft Length.

Those guys understand the importance of finding the center of the face. Or, the standard driver length is 45.5. As you can tell from the above steps, measuring the length of a golf club and driver shaft is really simple.

With The 0 End Of The Ruler On The Floor, Slide The 48 Ruler In Behind The Club And Shaft While Keeping The Head Soled Touching In The Center Of The Sole.

With the 0 end of the ruler on the floor, slide the 48 ruler in behind the club and shaft while keeping the head soled touching in the center of the sole. Check out breed's tip on how to determine whether your. Measure to butt of grip.

This Will Result In A Much Longer Length Than The Other Two Methods Mentioned Before.

I want to post my show cart for sale, but am uncertain how to properly measure the length of the shafts. What is the proper method? They believe it helps them to sell more.

How To Properly Measure Driver Shaft Addition, Count The Number Of Splines On The Output Shaft.

A standard driver’s length now is about 45 inches. You will need a tape measure and a good 6 ruler. Most golfers believe that longer shafts can provide more distance.

Watch This Quick Video And Give It A Try.

They measure club by placing the shaft flat against the wall with the toe of the driver positioned on the ground. This is the same procedure for measuring length for any club. This may explain why the average driver length on the pga tour is actually shorter than the average driver length used by amateurs.

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