How To Install A Linear Shower Drain In Concrete Floor

How To Install A Linear Shower Drain In Concrete Floor. You’ll then have the drain with the outlet, on that is the connector and a short length of pipe. This is the ideal option since you can easily pour the concrete over the floor drain without having to dig.

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Shower base must not be wedged into place. The frame should now be locked in place and ready for tiling. While installing your linear shower drain, we have identified ideal locations.

To Expose The Flange, Remove The Concrete Around The Drain.

Install clamping ring on top of shower liner install the clamping ring portion of the. Use a wrench set to determine the proper wrench size to loosen the screws. The assembly should lock tightly onto the pipe and should clamp to the shower base’s edge.

Install Shower Pan Liner Measure And Cut The Shower Pan Liner Allowing Enough Liner To Go Up The Walls A Minimum Of 6”.

Install shower pan liner measure and cut the shower pan liner allowing enough liner to go up the walls a minimum of 6”. How to install shower drain pipe part 1. So how do the bathroom floor drains get installed?

A Trap Will Help To Make Cleaning Your Drain Much Easier And Will Keep Larger Debris Out Of The Drain.

Square, make necessary corrections to enable shower base to be installed with a 1/8” gap on all sides. Use any 3″ wide wood and cut to length for use as a linear drain placeholder; The tile shop presents this how to video that details the necessary steps for installing a linear shower drain.

First, The Shower Drain Must Be Positioned In The Correct Location.

Drive plastic anchors flush into all holes. Breakaway the concrete using a hammer and chisel until the drain flanges and bolts holding the drain in place are visible. The drain will be installed flush with the existing floor.

First Connect The (Linear) Shower Drain To The Drainage Pipe And Make Sure That The Drain Pipe Has Sufficient Slope.

Slide the drain in the connector, it is not necessary to glue this, as the connector provides sufficient sealing. The frame should now be locked in place and ready for tiling. Leave about 4 to fill the trench with new concrete.

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