How To Drain A Hot Tub For Winter Storage

How To Drain A Hot Tub For Winter Storage. Before draining, it is important to turn off the power connection. You've worked through all the steps on how to drain a hot tub properly and you're finally at the stage where you can fill it back up and start using it again.

Drain and Refill Tips Using the Mineraluxe System AquaTech from

Lift the tub covers to remove the filters and clean them. Our arctic spas® hot tubs are designed to withstand even the coldest of temperatures so you can get full use of your tub year round!. Now we are ready to drain the tub.

If You Take Care Of This (Or Get This Taken Care Of) In October, You Can Probably Make It Through The Winter Without Doing It Again.

When the hot tub is empty, turn off the pump, remove it from the spa, detach the hose, and return it to storage. If you're preparing your tub for the winter season, place the spa cover back on the tub and close the equipment panel. To winterize a hot tub, switch off the power and then drain all the water using a sump pump.

Lift The Tub Covers To Remove The Filters And Clean Them.

Turn the pump on and let the spa drain. If using the drain plug, remove it and attach a garden hose to the port so it can move the water to a safe place away from plants and wildlife. Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history and.

You've Worked Through All The Steps On How To Drain A Hot Tub Properly And You're Finally At The Stage Where You Can Fill It Back Up And Start Using It Again.

Clean and dry the hot tub liner very thoroughly. It might take a while for the water to drain, usually it will take two to 3. You have to drain the hot tub, and then it has to be completely vacuumed with a wet/dry vac.

It Is Important To Have A Lockable Cover That Cannot Be Blown Away In High Winds Or Storms.

Keep a good snow shovel close to the door that lead to your hot tub, so you can remove the snow around your hot tub and make a clear path to the spa. Royal spa hot tubs do not need to be drained for the winter. Inside of the equipment access area, there will be a hose attachment that can be used to drain your hot tub.

Connect A Garden Hose And Turn The Valve To Drain The Water.

Attach a hose or sump pump to the hot tub’s drain plug. Once all the moisture is out, take one of the jets out, put a funnel with a hose on it where the jet was, and add a half gallon of antifreeze. Use a shop vac to blow out any water inside the pipes.

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